Announcement: A (necessary) hiatus, not abandonment!

I see that it has been almost exactly a month since my last post here. Queer Modernisms has not been unceremoniously abandoned–life has simply necessitated a sabbatical of sorts. I’m back in the workforce and my first four weeks have directly coincided with my organization’s four busiest weeks of the year.

I foresee perhaps another week or so of occupational craziness, and then QM should be back to a normal schedule of sorts. Until then, thank you to everyone who continues to still stop by–it keeps me excited to return!

female telephone operators 1920s


2 thoughts on “Announcement: A (necessary) hiatus, not abandonment!

    • I thought it was perfect since a large part of my job requires constantly directing and coordinating information from all over the globe–only in 21st century style, it’s primarily email now, not via phone.

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