reset & begin again

journal writing

As I obliquely alluded to in my last post, circumstances in my personal life have been undergoing a drastic transition as of late, and I’m happy to report that last week I returned the SFSU library, this time as a full time staff member instead of a student worker.

Perhaps not surprisingly, returning to an academic–and literary–setting has proved to be tremendously bracing and intellectually invigorating; I also am now able to realize the extent that the job that I held for the last seven months was a drain on my energy and inevitably imposed a severe block on my mindspace. Unfortunately, along with Queer Modernisms, progress on my thesis came to a grinding halt as well.

So over the last two weeks I’ve been getting back in touch with the things I’ve been missing in my life as of late: writing in my journal, reading, penning reviews, catching up on lapsed correspondence. Queer Modernisms is next up on the list.

Which is all to say that updates are to resume again soon, so watch this space.


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