Re: Charles Henri Ford for His Birthday

Charles Henri Ford by Dimitri Yeros

[Not exactly a birthday cake… but who’s complaining??]

February 10 marked what would have been Charles Henri Ford’s 107th birthday, and to commemorate I thought I’d direct some attention to Indra Tamang’s lovely remembrance of CHF. A photographer and artist who served as a cook and caretaker to first CHF and then to his sister, Ruth, Tamang made headlines over the years as he became the primary inheritor of both of their estates, worth millions of dollars in NYC real estate, artwork, etc. I’ve been following his efforts to on both his blog The Hermitage and the Facebook page The Charles & Ruth Project to promote the sibling’s artistic accomplishments.

I particularly appreciated the closing lines of his remembrance:

Had Charles lived, he would be 107 years old today. At the end of his life his mind was sharp and clear, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded living to be 107. I don’t think either Charles or Ruth ever thought for a minute that they wouldn’t just live forever, at least that’s the impression I always had. Ruth was always thinking she’d be getting ‘better’ soon, even though there was nothing wrong with her but age.

Thankfully, Charles never seemed the least bit frightened at the end of his life. When it came to living, he always said, “Just play it as it lays,” and that’s what he did. And he enjoyed every birthday, and every other day too, to the fullest.

Also worth taking a look at is an overview of CHF’s life put together by Elisa over at her Reviews & Ramblings, especially for the collection of images she pulled together.

So cheers to CHF on a lived long and fully!


Charles Henri Ford (2000s)
Dimitris Yeros



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