IotD: The Androgynous Chic of Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Today marks the birthday of Swiss writer, journalist, and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, who was born May 23, 1908. She is closely associated with the Mann family (particularly Thomas’s children Erika and Klaus), and had a fabulous whirlwind of a life, which, sadly, ultimately ended up being ill-fated and much too short. Schwarzenbach passed away in 1942, only 34 years old. A succinct overview of her full life can be found here.

The queer modernists in general tended to be a glamorous bunch, but for me Annemarie’s androgynous chic is a contender for the title of most glamorous of them all.

Annemarie Schwarzenbach camera

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Seriously, just do a Google image search.