IotD: Parker Tyler on Cinematic Sex, Psyche, Etcetera

During the holiday weekend the bf I took a day trip down to Santa Cruz, and having arrived earlier than the friends we were meeting, we of course took the opportunity to scout out the local used bookstore scene. We ended up spending too much money at Logos Bookstore & Records, and one treasure I’m particularly delighted by is a copy of Parker Tyler’s Sex Psyche Etcetera in the Film, whose collage cover I’ve long admired from afar.

I’ve been on the lookout for Tyler-penned titles for years here in San Francisco, with absolutely no luck. So imagine my surprise when soon after the bf spotted a copy of Tyler’s Sex in Films as well! Both books are now safely tucked away on our bookshelves alongside The Granite Butterfly as well as my multiple copies of Screening the Sexes.

tyler sex psyche etcWhat I particularly love about this particular edition is the striking collage adorning the cover, which I now know was designed by Bridget Heal. A quick google search comes up with several other examples of Pelican covers she is credited for, but no substantial information appeared immediately available.

Now excuse me while I go relish in Tyler’s delicious criticism-as-camp style for a bit–shall I start with the chapter fantastically titled “The Horse: Totem Animal of Male Power – An Essay in the Straight-camp Style?”