Stop by the Pansy Club!

Has there been any scholarly analysis yet on the utilization of tumblr as queer visual archives? There are a lot of really great ones out there, but none I have encountered matches the breadth, scope, and dazzling curatorial sensibility of Deviates, Inc. I was hooked from the moment I first set eyes on its distinctive header:

pansy club

Deviates, Inc. focuses primarily on visual images with the occasional quote or link, and showcases a wide range of queer individuals and lives from the general period of 1900-1960, many who I would consider queer modernists. I can’t say how many hours have slipped by perusing images and then doing internet searches for more information on the unexpected things I come across. It continues to function as an entire education in and of itself.

There is probably no single website that has gives me the same amount of pleasure as this one. Check it out.